Make your reservations now!

Reserve your seats NOW for our annual dinner and silent auction on September 23rd in Matamoras. Click the button for details.

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Vote Democratic!

Lots of good people have stood up to represent their communities and they deserve your support. Click to see who's running in your area.

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Get Your Absentee Ballot

If you reasonably expect that you will not be in your voting district all or part of the day on election day, you are eligible to vote absentee. But, it will take some planning, so get the details now and be ready to cast your ballot in November.

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Our Mission

Our mission as the Pike County Democratic Committee is to nominate, support, and elect Democratic candidates to elected and appointed office and to advance the goals and values of the Democratic Party.

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) is all that stands between Pike County's pristine environment and a future featuring a toxic environment depleted of clean water and scarred by gas pipelines, waste pits, and...
With the way this summer's weather has been going, the PCDC has decided to move our annual picnic indoors rather than risk a wash out.